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Finally! I’m so tired of seeing the same lazy questions every day.


I'd love to know the pass rate of people that ask such lazy questions like these.


You forgot to add, how good is Mark Meldrum? / Should I use Mark Meldrum to study?


This is effectively covered in the very first question.


Only pulling your leg <3




Can I use Kaplan notes 2023 to study for L1 in Feb 2024?


Thinking to switch from Wiley to MM for level 1: I found that I'm spending way too much time on videos and note taking. Less time on solving questions. Ratio is probably 80:20. I saw Mark Meldrum's YT video where he says solving questions is the way to internalize. Would I be better off if I watch his videos and solve questions directly?


1. Notes are not very effective generally so use those most sparingly. 2. Consider speeding up your videos, then take up half the time at twice the speed. 3. Flash cards. 4. QBank religiously


I plan to finishing the material by mid May. Already watching at 1.75x haha. I'm giving the exam in August. Do you think I'll have enough time to do questions and go through everything again?


You’ll have enough time if you try hard enough. This is not a complicated process, it’s just a grueling one.


This might be a dumb question but do you get to add CFA to your email signature/linkedin if you pass level one? or is it only when you have all 3?


There is no partial designation. Claiming you have earned the CFA charter after completing Level 1 would be fraud. Likewise, I think that specific case is covered in Level 1 ethics.


What about CFA level 4?


Let us know when u get there


You can factually state that you passed the level 1 cfa exam lol


which came first, superior guaranteed returns or the CFA designation?


Passed!! 😭😭🙏🏻🙏🏻[results](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/526082841738608640/1194689823206817913/IMG_1298.png?ex=65b1449a&is=659ecf9a&hm=3a542d27283eccbfc49efd7cbceb967da5e91331c973984f63f9ed1506a61754&)


I would recommend using the search function on this sub. These questions have been asked and answered hundreds of times. /s


Bad bot. 😂


I have just cleared my level 1. What are the Scholarship submission dates if I want to appear for Nov for level 2.


Let us know what CFAI says!


There are at least three people I've seen on LinkedIn that passed the Feb 2023 Level 3 exam who are already sporting "name, CFA" on their LinkedIns. There's no way they passed the reference check that quickly, so is CFA going to punish them?


I was a CFA charterholder the day results came out. You can do all that stuff before the results such that all you need to do is pay dues on results day.


But you don't actually hold the charter until they approve you, right? Or am I overthinking this?


You can be approved prior to receiving your results such that you only need to pay dues to receive the charter. You may be overthinking it. I think, knowing this community, its much more likely that they had all their ducks in a row and then just paid on results day. I was pretty confident i passed, and I didn't want to wait to complete the process, so I started it almost 8 weeks ahead of time.


Can I say in my resume that "Completed CFA program"? I don't have the charter yet. I have passed L3.


Can only say passed L3


Level III exam contains 11 essay sets and 11 item sets. There are seven different topics. My questions are as follows: 1. Is there any topic that is asked exclusively as an essay set or exclusively asked as an item set? I'm asking this because I can plan my preparation accordingly. Like, if a topic like Economics is only asked as an item set then I can focus on the concept alone instead of trying to figure out how to write a structured response. 2. Is there a pattern as to how many essay sets and item sets are asked per topic or does it vary with each attempt?


Sorry if this is really stupid but for level 3 if the final score just a simple average of your AM and PM scores?


Is it a bad decision to change prep providers for level 2? I passed Level 1 with Wiley scoring above the 90th percentile. But Wiley has 1 great instructor (Peter), some bad, and some awful. Two things I liked about Wiley for level 1 were: Peter Olinto and the condensed text. Many people rate Mark Meldrum highly for level 2. Should I make the switch or stay with Wiley?


I'm using MM for L1 and, searching the sub, a lot of folks rate Wiley highly for L2 as Wiley's Qbank/mocks are much more difficult than the actual exam, and so scoring low on the mocks motivated them more to study harder. That said, searching the sub also shows rave reviews of MM for L2, as you point out. IDK if it makes sense to switch, given that Wiley worked so well for you on L1, but not having done both/either for L2, my opinion's just based off reading comments.


Can some suggestions best prep classes for CFA l1 in India.. quintedge classes are good?


Hi yes I took there classes and they were really great. The trainers were nice and there mock test and material was also great.




Same here I have also not started my preparation for level 1 formally but want to know about CFA more about it and online class for it .


I am thinking of starting off with self study. The books by Schweser are quite cheap on Flipkart (7 book package - INR 3k) compared to their website which has additional online content. But again, for my case it is that I am not in a hurry to appear for the exam. Those who passed say that for a structured and quicker learning coaching is good. Otherwise self study is also good coz coaching is not cheap it seems. (Context: Most of the people I got above information from are Indian CFA holders.) And I got replies elsewhere for my question above (incase you had the same qs)... it is a good resource both free and paid ones. Free ones will help give an idea before I dive in properly.


So when r u thinking to give your level 1 exam and any other website which u have researched till now which gives u the study material? It's like I have completed my 1st year of bcom hons so I thought to dive into it. I want to gain knowledge about it much more.


Currently registered for May 2023 Level 2 exam, but I need to defer to November. I actually registered for Level 2 back in November (or maybe it was August) of 2022, but because I was offered a job and had to pass licensing exams, I didn’t take the CFA exam. I didn’t cancel or defer - I just never showed up. Based on what I read on the website, you can pay $399 for a one-time, no questions asked deferral. All you’ll need to do is fill out the deferral form which is typically available 4 weeks out from the exam date you’re registered for. Just looking for confirmation that there won’t be any issues for me to pay the deferral fee and move my exam to November of this year - thank you in advance!


Great detailed question. But this is something you need to ask CFAI directly! Let us know what they say!


Will do thanks!


Did you defer?


I did yup


Which prep provider provides the most number of practice questions? Also curious to know which prep provider has the most relevant practice questions? Thank you so much!


Do you think I will have a chance at all to enter the industry of ER or hedge funds without prior experience but passed level 2? I just want to get a foot in the door and I've been self employed doing my own market research and managing a micro fund running a credit collection options strategy. Will employers be impressed if I can show them a research report and my past trading performance? Or should I just keep doing my own thing because I don't stand a chance without industry experience? I have a m.s. in microbiology and was looking into biotech ER


In sessions 1 and 2, are the questions jumbled up or in proper sections?


cant join discord group showing whoops


If you purchase a deferral, do you have to pay registration fees again?


How can I access Wiley Fixed Income Analysis practice problem answers? I have a book, but there is no key answers section.


Which prep provider do you guys recommend between Fitch learning and BPP?


**My name is Shahid Qureshi, an 18-year-old male, and I am interested in pursuing a course for my career development. I would like to know what steps I should take to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). I am keen to understand the career opportunities, return on investment, and subjects involved. Could someone please provide me with this information?**


Is there a discord server that does not require phone number verification?? I absolutely will not give any personal information of mine, especially something like a phone number to a company like discord which has a known history of storing deleted user data and selling said data without any permission. And it violates anonymity.


Hi, any good link about the prep providers market? If not public, please DM. Thanks


Can anyone tell me what's the best and most cost-effective prep course? I graduated from kindergarten but I also have a grad school degree with a finance and accounting concentration. I want to take level 1 in November. Many thanks!


Study groups for level 1?


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Hello! I'm a third-year BBA student from Bangladesh, planning to take the CFA Level 1 exam in May 2025. I have a basic understanding of finance, economics, and accounting. With final exams scheduled for September 2024 and March 2025, I want to know if this timeframe is sufficient for CFA Level 1 preparation. Additionally, I'm seeking a prep provider that offers a question bank for each Learning Outcome Statement (LOS), each chapter, and the entire syllabus, along with a substantial number of mock exams. Any recommendations?


Sounds like a great time to get learning. I believe you have time, but i would recommend not taking it lightly. Also, make sure to do questions from all the chapters covered each time you review to keep it fresh. Best of luck.


Stupid question but just to make extra sure, for the “I failed/passed, when can I sit again”, is it also applicable for 2023 too?






This is a question for CFAI, let us know what they say.




Most big name providers became that way for a reason. Hard to throw a stone in here without someone recommending something. Ultimately though, it’s a question you have to answer for yourself based on research. I typically recommend people talk to recent candidate’s and Charterholders at their local society for recommendations to try to avoid shill recommendations.




I have no experience with them. But, I know the CFAI material is also pretty adequate. So, unless there’s a tool you need that a third party can provide, consider using the material given.




When you sign up with CFAI you get access to the curriculum, a qbank, and mock exams.


Hello, I'm currently studying for level 1 (exam in Aug 2023). I need some help with my studying strategy. I'm using Wiley's videos to understand the material. What I'm doing right now is: - handwriting all the practical questions that require solving. This includes examples and quiz questions. - taking notes on my laptop of important points the instructor says in lecture videos. - I also plan to do CFAECO questions. I haven't done them yet because lecture videos of 1 chapter took me almost a week to complete. I aim to manage time better and complete CFAECO questions of each chapter starting next week. Is there anything I should change/improve in order to optimize my studying method? I know there's a lot of effort lacking. That's why I'm asking this question so I can build a good system for studying.


Hand writing anything that isn’t working out problems is unnecessary and time intensive imo. I’d recommend you do a lot of qbank problems as you progress and just keep moving until you are doing qbank on the full curriculum daily.


Does anyone know when the results will be out for the February L1 exam?


5-8 weeks after the week of the exam. You will know the date 1 to 2 weeks prior.


Hello everyone, Do you know if we can use a blank paper (the exam day) in order to do a Bayes theorem (for example)? Thanks!


This depends entirely on your prometric location, unfortunately. Some give you whiteboards and markers others papers and pens/pencils. You’ll need to confirm with them.


Cool, thank you for the answer. I'll check with them given my location.


MM or IFT video lectures for level I?


Hello! For candidates taking the exam in the current format and missing out on the Practical Skill Modules, will we be able to have access to them afterwords as learning opportunities/Creditable education hours for maintaining a charter at no cost?


This is a great question for the CFAI AMA being held today.


Just realized I posted it on the wrong post. I’ll copy over! Thank you!


>Hey! Just saw this now. What was their answer?


Is there a general chat in the r/CFA Discord group? I couldn't find it.


Did you agree to the rules?


Oh, sorry. I was searching for something like "agree rules". I read everything, turns out I only had to click the emoji. 😅


The “tap the emoji below if you agree to these rules part is the trickiest part of the rules 😂 glad you are in! Welcome!


is anyone else experiencing CFAI losing their history of answered questions? I have been losing data from a few hundred previously answered questions


When calculating Enterprise value why do we add minority interest?


Since EV is the total value of the company, any ownership interest is included regardless of structure.


How long did it take you to get the charter after you applied? It's been several weeks for me, just wanted to see what others experience was.


I had the process done before I got the results. It did take a while for my process to complete though.


Thanks. I didn't even think to actually start this process before getting the pass email. Whoops!


Thinking to delay my level 1 exam, 4 months out. Exam date is August 25. I've about 7 modules left which I plan to finish by the end of May. I haven't even touched the CFAECO questions. Will I have enough time to go through mocks and all the practice questions?


Is there a way to skip questions in the CFA mock exam page? I'm assuming the mock exam doesn't mimic the exam day program because I remember being able to skip from question to question


I paid already the upfront fee and then $399 deferral fee and now some bald headed attorney is telling me I don’t have a test date. They completely scammed me. Has this happened to anyone else? They made a bogus policy that’s completely illegal to take your money


What is the exam service provider that provides the most number of practice questions and most relevant practice questions? Thank you!


I am planning to sit for the Level 1 February 2024 exam and I really don't know which prep provider to use. Which one do y'all recommend? (Nevermind the price). Thanks in advance.


Where is the CFAI Qbank? Do I need to purchase is separately?


It’s included and in your candidate resource center on the site. Just click around a little, you’ll get there!


I am not sure i can find it ….. i am registered for Feb 24


I’m sure you can find it, investigative skills are part of the skill set you develop in preparation for these exams. Step one is logging into the CFAI website. Step two is clicking on account… I trust you can find it from there


Do I do the Prerequisite readings for CFA on the LES? I am taking Level I in Feb and my degree is mostly not Quantitative, so I have started to work through the prerequisite readings. I know CFAI tells you to do it if you don't have an Econ/Stats background, but is this a good idea or will I be able to pick most of it up as I go along?


I have cleared L1 without applying for scholarship. Can I now apply for the same in L2


I don’t know if this is the best place to ask but does MM allow you to do practice questions on your mobile device, either on the web or their app? Kaplan doesn’t not let you “grade quizzes” on a mobile device.


Idk if the site has changed or not but I definitely did QBank questions on mobile for mm back in the day.


Guys can i get discord latest link invite pls


It’s one of the answers in the FAQ above. However, accio discord.


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The link has expired can you please give me latest one


This is not an expired link to my knowledge. But let me find you a single use link for now. https://discord.gg/rpa9HGFF


That would be great thanks


Its appended to the prior comment. Thanks.


Still its showing expired to me


Then you should try clearing your cache and other Google troubleshooting items as the first link also isn’t expired.


I was searching for the exam deferral form (Paid) Couldn't find it despite of showing on the CFAI website that it will be available about 4 weeks before the start of an exam window, if anybody can help me with this situation it would be appreciated.


I was hoping to find resources here for people similarly situated to me. I have a bachelors and masters in economics and have worked in state government the better part of the past ten years. Prior to that I was in the military. I’m interested in the CFA or at least the first two levels because it could help facilitate a career change, and the material covered seems like a good mix of brushing up/diving deeper into things I was interested in during graduate school, and things I’ve always wished I had a structured framework for learning more about.


Accio discord!


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Ha, fair enough. I figured it was a frequent-enough situation! I asked prematurely i admit; current looking through search results here on the subreddit


There’s a vibrant community on discord, Reddit, and likely even your local CFA Society. Definitely check them all out!


what up r/CFA


This answered questions I did not even knew I had! Thanks :)


Sorry if this sounds dumb but I'm worried asf. - About 24 days left for level 1. - Finishing my second round of revision today. - Done with CFAI questions + Wiley questions. - Have done 0 mocks. Will start tomo Do I still have a chance?


You definitely have a chance. Mock till you drop. Qbank and EOC questions too. Learn from them all as much as possible till test day. You got this!




>Thanks! You're welcome!


Can I ask how many questions we can expect in the CFA Level III exam? I thought it to be 88 questions but the Kaplan Mock exams have 112 questions... Thanks.




I’m a level 1 cfa candidate and i have my exam on 24th august and I wasn’t feeling well from 2-3 days so i did covid 19 test and the report came out to be positive. And I’ve already used my paid deferral once so please guys tell me that cfa institute consider covid 19 under emergency deferral or not Please help me


Can I choose question difficulty on the ecosystem?


Please add am I too old?


Ahh. That’s is good one. I’ll get that added when I’m at my computer next.


What is the New Candidate Agreement?


Hey guys, I bought Wiley, but I do not see it on the approved prep provider... Was that a mistake then? [https://www.cfainstitute.org/en/programs/cfa/prep-providers#sort=%40itemheadertitle%20ascending&numberOfResults=100](https://www.cfainstitute.org/en/programs/cfa/prep-providers#sort=%40itemheadertitle%20ascending&numberOfResults=100)


What % of right answers should one get to pass CFA level 2


Aim for 100% and pass on your worst day was my strat.


Just took lvl 2 yesterday. Does it still take 2 months to get results?


What's the highest percentile one can get in cfa exam?


Fintree juice notes cfa level 1 I want can anyone send it


Can someone help me navigate CFA L1 mocks on their official website for the L1 exam this Nov


Can i cheat in the cfa exam?


No. But you can consider this your first and last warning.


Why can’t we use the yield on 10-year T-bills as an indicator of inflation?


Off the top of my head, flight to safety seems like it would be a fairly big disrupter in terms of an indicator as the increased demand can push prices up and yields down, making them less reflective of inflation expectations. Which is why you would probably use a bunch of other things to get an idea of what inflation is doing.


Is there any way to randomize CFAI qbank?


Hi guys, I passed Level I August 2023 just with Schweser notes and CFAI EOC questions, with a score of around 90%. I did a master of finance degree at Cambridge so I knew the content before (except for ethics). I'm thinking of preparing for level 2 using Schweser notes, CFAI Blue box questions, and CFAI practice questions. Do you think that'd be a good strategy for level 2? thanks. ps: I don't like watching videos much, I learn by reading.


Is the deferral form for November 2023 L1 out already?


Does CFA institute publish an admit card for level 1 exam?


What is a good mock score for l1?


100%, everything else could use improvement.


2023 and 2024 have different syllabus. Is it possible to reschedule from Nov 2023 to Feb or May 2024 ?


Can i sit for level 2 exam without graduating?


Do I need the CFA "Certificate in ESG Investing" before registering the new "Climate Certificate"?


UK - Selling CFA level 3 Schweser 2023 books - £150 - NEW


What’s the ideal score on CFA Mocks(for CFA L1) to clear L1?




Can i sit for the CFA exam with two years left in my bachelors degree?


You can start taking them when you are 23 months from graduation.


Can I take the level 2 exam in May 2024, if I am completing my bachelors in June 2024?


I don’t see why not, since you can sign up for level 1 starting 23 months prior to graduation.. how the rules work now is “you must be within 11 months of graduation to sit for your Level II exam and you must have completed your bachelor’s degree or accrued 4,000 hours of professional work experience to sit for your Level III exam.”


Okay thanks. Wasn’t aware of the rule change. Did it change recently?


In the last 18 months I’d say?


I am planning to appear for L1 in the August attempt and I want to apply for the access scholarship whose window opens on 24th January. However, the early registration fee is valid only until the 23rd of January. So will I be able to avail the early registration fee in case I am not awarded the scholarship?


Probably not. As you point out, timing may be an issue.


How do I access the CFA society boston L3 mock exam for 2024. I cant seem to find it and the link i did find doesnt work


I believe that the Boston mock is now the CFAI's official mock.


I currently work for a private equity fund working closely with two analysts developing models using Python and SQL that are used for investment decisions. Would this be considered qualified work experience? Many of these models involve consumer credit loan level data as well as economic data pulled from the FRED api.


If the argument can be made, then likely yes. Check out the quiz they have on the site.


Which is best for Level 2 Preparation Kaplan, Mark Maldrum or Uworld?


L2 results out check verification letter


Hi everyone, after a careful consideration I decided to prepare for the November 2024 exam. Unfortunately studying while working as a consultant for a big 4 is not so easy, so after collecting some colleagues feedback I decided to use a preparation provider. After a bit of searching I have identified Kaplan and Bloomberg as the most interesting one. Do you have any suggestions on which one, according to your personal experience is the best? And in case which package did you suggest to buy? Thanks a lot!


Does someone have experience with studying solo (only CFA material) and then switching to prep providers? I usually prefer to study on my own and by reading instead of having "classes" or watching videos, but not sure what the passing rate is for candidates "on their own" and if I would be making it additionally harder


Can I defer the exam to the next dxam window




Hi all, I am doing some kind of research. If you have used prep providers, what pros/cons do you find interesting? In case you did not use prep providers. What would make you pay for prep providers? Price? Qbank? Quality of the LOS?


You should use the search bar. It’ll save you a lot of time.


The idea is to have something more than: "OK/shit prep. prov"


Hi is it worth it to spend money for investment foundations? (I am a SWE)


What is the applied section in mark meldrums content?