Just took level 1

After 9 months of studying everyday I feel like I can finally breathe. I thought the CFAI mocks were definitely harder than the real deal. Also, I recommend that the day before the exam you just relax and trust your prep. I think that did wonders for me today.


Good luck bro. I just gave my exam I found it harder than mocks, I did my part and now all in hands of gods and goddess of luck. I wish everyone best of luck.


Also just took it. I don’t know if I was overprepared or not but felt it wasn’t that bad. Was in line with the mocks I think. I would also add spending yesterday listening to MM review videos all day did wonders for me.


My exam was so easy I actually thought it was a joke. I’m sure the passing score for mine will be pretty high but I probably only had to guess on like 20/180 questions.


I have felt this way for both level 1 and 2 and both times I barely am over the MPS lol


I felt the same way for the most part. I had a tough time with the mocks maybe that’s why I felt they were more difficult.


There's no such thing as being overprepared.


Resting and relax the day before the exam is a law for me! Someday I will create my prep courses and write it on the title page) Cheers!


Hey bro, how did you retain what you studied.. did you revice often or just kept studying & marking imp stuff, then to the next reading I'm a tech background, L1 candidate could use your suggestion.


To be honest, I don't really like to read. Therefore, I used providers and concentrated on watching videos. I studied different providers, but I liked the approach of Nathan Ronan from Chalk&Board the best. About a month before the exam, I started taking mock exams, 2 C&B, 1MM, 1 Campbell, 1 Kaplan, it was interesting to see the difference in approaches. Next is the analysis of results and work on weaknesses. The main thing is the fight against procrastination and periodic rest, because at a certain stage fatigue accumulates and you want to leave everything.


So should I complete the portion ASAP & then just focus on mocks ? I have subscribed & watch lectures, it's easy to grasp before reading books. I also find procrastinating as well as extended the 1hr video to 2hrs coz I have either not understood or distracted.. so it takes way longer. I'm putting quantity but I've to increase Quality of work I study everyday But I feel like I'm forgetting stuff so revising on a regular basis for me is imp.


I would do that. But I only recommend what I have tried myself and what works for me. Try to go through the materials as soon as possible, preferably write down what you consider important on the cards, then 2 mock exams, and then draw conclusions based on the results on what to focus on for re-studying the materials, then 2 more mock exams.


Thanks for that


I am also studying months before my Nov 23 L1 attempt. If I start 8nto 9 months prior is 2 hours a day everyday enough? I hate cramming things so I try to start early and at an average pace?


I started just doing 30 minutes everyday, so 2 hours is definitely enough.


Hey bro, how did you retain what you studied.. did you revice often or just kept studying & marking imp stuff, then to the next reading


That’s one of the things I wish I did sooner. At the beginning I was just doing the lesson that I had for the day ,but after a few months I started to forget what I studied. So around 2 months before the exam I started to review what I studied before. In hindsight, I think you should review the topics every 2 weeks or every month. Just to retain as much as possible.


Sounds great tbh. just be consistent w it.


As Nathan Ronen told me when I was studying: never forget to give your brain a break, but only when it's tired.


From experience if you got the feeling that the actual exam was easier than the mock (and you did above 70% in the mock), you have passed.


9 months?? Isn’t that overkill? If I did 15 hours per week, how many months would I need?


I'm a complete dumbass so I'm giving myself 9 months and studying 5 hours a day for L2. I take two days a week off.


I started 9 months ago but I started very light. I started studying 30 minutes everyday but never missing a day, then an hour, then 2 hours, etc. Hours ramping up towards exam day.


Hypothetically like 5. 15hrs x 20 weeks is 300hrs so about 5 months or a bit less


I just got home from my exam. I wrote in the afternoon. I felt mixed on the exam, some parts were easier than the mocks and others I found harder. I drilled last night until 1 am, but took it easy this morning before I went to the exam. That seemed to work for me. Gonna grab a drink and bask in the relief that I finished the exam!


Sorry if this isn't relevant but I wanted to ask: Are CFAECO questions + mocks enough for practice questions?


Sure, they are enough. I would also recommend Uworld. It’s a 90 day free trial, so might as well get some extra questions.


What test prep did you go through? I just purchased Kaplans for L1 in Feb 2024.


I used Wiley. Kaplan is good too


Wrote L1 just now, honestly felt like I got bodied but oh well! Did my best and looking forward to some free time!! Edit: Okay not bodied, but parts felt really easy while some felt like I’ve never seen it before. In my head its a Coinflip.