favorite lesser-discussed episodes??

Obviously there are episodes like Triumph at Comic-Con, the Masked Engineer, and Big Apple Bible that get discussed over and over as great, but what are some other episodes that you really appreciate/revisit a lot?

A few of my favorites: - Zach Cherry, Our Close Friend - Jamie Loftus, Our Mensa Friend - Heather Anne Campbell, Our Gamer Friend - Lily Sullivan, Our Close Friend - Whitmer Thomas and Clay Tatum, Our Friends From School - Mitra Johari, Our Rant Friend - Nick Wiger, Our Segment Advisor

All these episodes are so weird and funny and I feel like they are great examples about what makes Hollywood Handbook Hollywood Handbook. Also, shoutout to whichever of Jamie’s friends told her she didn’t “get” the show. Ridiculous.


I love the eps with Ayo as a guest. She plays so well.


The Third Boy


Any episode with Whit and/or Clay is pure magic and resides in the Top Ten of All Time. Sweet treats.


They (whit and clay) revealed on the last American Arts and Culture pod that they were supposed to do a companion podcast to Hollywood Handbook and they recorded a pilot but the guest hated the bit so earwolf bailed on it. Breaks my heart.


that would have been sick?!?!?! such a bummer that it didn’t happen :/


Oh man get that ep out and do a Teaser Freezer on it.


The UCB Live ep w Kumail is a genuine classic to me that I rarely hear mentioned. Eps 199, 200, 201 were real scorchers and verified corkers


is that the one where he shits on blue apron? lmfao


Is this Fight Haver - Fast Drive?


The Meg Stalter episode. Kev please bring her back


that episode was crazy/amazing. it’s one of those where remember exactly where i was when i first listened to it. what a trip


Yes! Only ep I felt the boys were simply bamboozled. Friggen loved it.


Yes! Just thinking about her calling them “two white devils” makes me buss up.


I love when the boys play the straight man. Meg saying literally whatever comes to mind at a given moment and mispronouncing words left and right almost makes that episode like Sean and Hayes being on HH in an alternate universe where they don't host it, LOL.


this is a weird answer cause the guest is huge but I never really see anyone talk about it: the episode with tony hawk where they make a video game about going to school. cherry on top when tony was doubtful Brett could play Layla not knowing Brett is like a professional musician and shit


dude true!! tony was so game


I will always shout out Maria Thayer.


the thayer ep is immortal due to hayesmans's techno beat--just a beautiful random whatthefuckattack from him


wait fuck that's someone else. but the thayer ep is also awesome she's so sweet lol smdh


I really liked the Timothy Simons episode but haven't gone back to relisten


The bit where Sean interrogates him about what sort of car his character would drive is great. “What’s he pushin?”


Meredith Hagner, Our Close Friend The VR Family Guy Series Order (w/ Peter Banifaz) Jesse Farrar, Our Close Friend Jesse Farrar and Mike Hale, Our Your Kickstarter Sucks Friends Jamie Loftus, Our Mensa Friend Bess Kalb, Our Zoom Show Friend Alyssa Limperis, Our Moms Friend Bang Rodgeman, Our Spinoff Friend


i agree with all of these takes. special shoutout to the first jesse farrar episode though for being completely batshit


Said this the other day but listen to the Dan Klein ep


I really liked the just Kevin & Tom ep, one of my favorites!


Real oldie but Dave Holmes is a great one. And Sinbad of course.


Both Sinbads and Daves Holmes are so fun and funny. But the Sinbad Covid episode is special on a like an historical level.


Kulap Vilaysack — Our Origin Story Friend


Don't know the name of the episode, but the one where Hayes and Scharpling are in the studio and Sean calls in and the premise is that Sean is lost and wandering in the wilderness. I think the ep ends with Sean walking into a church and finding the lord or something.


Big Apple Bible


TBF, this is usually the top comment in any other thread on this subreddit that asks for best episodes. Great episode (though my least favorite of Tom's), but not lesser-discussed.


Oh, ha, it's mentioned in the post. Case in point!


Some of mine are the aforementioned HAC episode ("That felt like being in a car crash") and Nick Wiger segment episode ("Lookin' like a Snack or do I want to go and Whack off") Others include: PFTi, Our Close Friends - Paul obliquely makes fun of Matt Besser's rant about "Yo Is This Racist?" by doing an unflattering impression of Matt Mike Mithcell, Our Close Friend - If memory serves they make Mitch eat a raw packet of ramen and make Kevin eat a cigarette. Drew Tarver, Our Close Friend - The only time Andy and Kevin interact on HH.


It might be discussed frequently and I don’t know it but I really like the David Sedaris one, HH #332: our close friend, David sedaris


Gil Ozeri.


I always go back to the John Cochran eps. The boys are just coming at him relentlessly the whole time and it’s hilarious. Spider bites dude’s dick


Once you talk about the episodes, they are more discussed so you’ll have to find others to balance.


Almost forgot a real sleeper: an old appearance on CBB. First, I think it’s the funniest Scott Anchorman has ever been. I’m not usually a fan of him, specifically. Second, it has maybe my favorite Teaser Freezer (“Heartbeat”).


I re-listen to #369, Will Hines Our Election Friend and #398 when they do Beautiful Anonymous often. I think both of those episodes are very funny. I also love and re-listen to the Neil Campbell Ted Talk one (#88) a lot, but I feel like that one is talked about sometimes.


The Neil Campbell episode is truly incredible. The opening discussion about Mr. Bean being a thirst trap kills me every time.


BJ Novak. The Spiderman script has nearly endless replay value. Clark Duke's is also really good. I think I also just like the familiarity (I don't watch much TV but like The Office a lot)...love the show, but when they interview more obscure actors and everyone's doing the same kind of smug schtick with no straightman (this is almost never happens anymore but was like 40 percent of the early show), I don't like it as much. Tony Hale's episode is also great while I'm mentioning actors I like. Howard Kremer is a really good one, too. Andree Vermuelen is a great one I learned about from a similar thread. The bizarre premise that terrorists have kidnapped their daughters and want them to point out plot holes in Suicide Squad as ransom is hilarious. Scuzzman series is probably my favorite thing that's not mentioned too often. It's a lot like Tom's series in that there's a funny shifting bit where Sean and Dom trade off playing the straightman. Cartoons is another really great one with Dom. DC Pierson's episodes are great. Matt Besser and Mookie Blailock's series are also great; all of those are also kind of "concept" episodes. I like Grace Helbig teaching them how to use a computer, too. Sean's SNL audition is also great. I'm also realizing (sorry Hayes!) that a lot of my favorites involve Sean pulling together some kind of high-concept caper while Hayes is gone (Cartoons and the Scuzzman series are also examples of this. Also really funny is the episode where Sean ends up interviewing Brett for most of it. The title has something about Germany in it).


I liked when they had Hal Rudnick on the show.


The spiders-is-bugs episode got me hooked and has a special place in my heart. I can picture the guest but not her name. The opening to the Mike Mitchell episode (maybe? - I remember bits but rarely the relevant context) was all-time great: Hayes jousts Connie Chung and the Boys explain how to take a shower.


EP. 125 — “LIVE FROM SXSW: The Future of Comedy” is incredible


dude, both andy daly eps. i think they stuck with the cookbook bit a tad too long in that one, but otherwise, tv's andy daly gets the boys and surfs their vibe amiably.


playing "who do you know?" with Jimmy Pardo


Shea Serrano's always has me dying


Just came here to say Sean's joke on the Whit and Clay ep about his dad being in the hospital is one of my favorite moments from the show.


The one where they lure The Doughboys to the studio by telling them they won a “Special Video Game” which was a trick to make them accept Tom Scharpling as a third Doughboy.