What do all of the abbreviations stand for in the ✨education system✨

Abbreviations like ERG, IVE, BG, TTG and NT. what do the stand for when translated in English?


A bit more context would be nice. Are we looking at subject names? If yes: BG: Bildnerisches Gestalten (approx. Art class: painting, sculpting, etc) TTG: Texil und Technisches Gestalten (approx. Art class, but with different materials and goals: sewing, woodworking, technical stuff) NT: Natur und Technik (General purpose science class) ERG: Ethik, Religion, Gemeinschaft (Ethics, Religion, Society, general purpose humanities class) IVE: Individuelle Vertiefung und Erweiterung (approx. Individual specialization, not something I ever had, seems to be a new idea. Idea seems to be that students choose one of the other, pre-existing subjects to do extra training in, maybe in preparation for a specific apprenticeship - eg. Someone wanting to do an apprenticeship in IT would maybe do some more math, while their classmate who wants to do an apprenticeship as a medical assistant would do some more biology from the NT subject)


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