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Quick question, what's the difference between elixirs and food, doesn't food also heal you, which makes it better


Food also heals you but typically has shorter time, elixirs do not heal you but typically last longer and have a much greater potential to sell for higher. My last play through of BotW I had many self imposed rules, and “elixirs only” was one of them because it made certain things like max hearts much much harder to find and made me had to get creative with cooking


Dragon horns also make 30 mins elixirs. Just cooked a fireproof elixir with 1 smotherwing butterfly, 2 fireprrof lizards, any monster part, and a dragon horn


Oh so the dragon horn doesn’t count as a monster part, just as a time booster? That makes a lot of sense, so mighty insect and any shit part to get the base, two mighty foods to get to lvl 3 then the horn to smash it to 30 minutes duration. Still feels like an overall more expensive option that 4 mighty bananas and a horn given the bananaes also restore hearts. Guess it’s just a resale value thing?


**Attack 3 elixir, 30 min:** 2 mighty porgy, 1 bladed rhino beetle, 1 dragon horn, bokoblin fang **Defense 3 elixir, 30 min:** 2 Armoured porgy, 1 rugged rhino beetle, 1 dragon horn, boko fang


It gave me both level 2 attack and defense for both elixirs 💀