Why does Amanda pretend to be so proud she’s “not online” and then talk about 10 things that happened on instagram

Sir. Something about the duality of man, sir.


Sir. Something about the duality of man, sir.


DobbMob knows


There’s online and then there’s ONLINE




I think the bit is that Sean is an incel film Twitter/Letterboxd loser, Amanda is an average social media user who’s algorithm is a bit more broad, but skews more toward pop/celebrity culture.


Amanda cohosts a podcast where she spent 20 minutes discussing matt Healy last month


yeah they ended up discussing Matty Healy the next week or two weeks later but the episode where they first brought up the Taylor/Matty relationship they were just like “good for them I hope they’re happy” because they didn’t really know anything about Matty even though the more online corners of the internet were already popping off about him. It was like the definition of “they got the basic news but they’re clearly not chronically online”


I think that topic may fall under "average social media user"


There are certainly people more online than Amanda, but I don’t really think Sean is one of them, just because he follows movie people and has replied to someone before


Because I think we all know there’s a difference between being online and being *terminally online*


I agree and therein lies my point - she is terminally online while criticizing Chris for being casually online


Dude said therein debating somebody they don't know's social media usage


I think there’s a difference between arguing with people on Twitter than just scrolling thru Instagram videos. That’s probably what she meant


Amanda's specifically talking about reply guys


🍅 🍅 🍅


why do you people who are on the reddit board of The Big Picture complain about The Big Picture? Like if you're this deep where you're on a subreddit about a a blog, then you like the pod.


It's pretty normal I reckon to like The Big Picture and find Amanda a bit obnoxious.


it's like complaining about jelly, but loving Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches


If you say so. I enjoy listening to Sean talking about.movies and Chris and Adam when they are on as well. I just find Amanda's weird aggression and obnoxiousness annoying when she acts like a normal civilized person she's fine. Maybe I need to find a better film podcast?


Dude you don’t like the host of the show, don’t listen.


What about this indicates they don’t like the host?


You know what, you’re absolutely right. I took it as them just trolling her, and they just made a comment. Not too big to recognize and apologize


To be honest I still think it’s a bit petty for op to criticize this tiny thing about Amanda that they don’t like, but hey Sean annoys me all the time but I still mostly like him


Just wish Amanda would stop pronouncing the word “important” incorrectly


Not true! I quite like Amanda’s commentary and ironically agree with her movie takes. But pretending to not go on social media and then mentioning multiple things you saw on instagram is just sad. Embrace who you are!


Because everyone in her world is a millennial blogger. They’re all chronically online. She probably doesn’t realize what not being online looks like. Amanda and Sean are both the most chronically online people I know or listen to.


I consider myself Extremely Online, and even I'm surprised and have absolutely no idea what she's talking about everytime she's like "OMG have you seen what \[insert random actress/actor\] has been doing on Instagram??"


I'm not in the movies. Here are 10 things that happened at the movies...


Going to get downvoted into oblivion for this, but I love listening to Sean for hours on end, because he's actively doing the work of grinding through new and old films of all genres, using the show to shine a spotlight on sooo many different & diverse filmmakers, learning and reading about film history and criticism... I just want to listen to him talk to other people who are as passionate and curious about the entire spectrum of film, and not just Nancy Meyers rom-coms and whatever Ben Affleck is up to. Obviously everyone has their own taste and interests, but Amanda's interest is just too narrow considering the number of episodes that she's on, talking about movies that she hasn't even fully watched. I wish there were more episodes with outside guests... like Amy Nicholson, or the guys from the Pure Cinema Podcast (New Beverly's podcast), or the Blank Check guys...


It's just part of the whole tiresome faux conflict schtick she has decided is both fun and amusing. My advice is to look at the timestamps and avoid her bits.


Cuz she’s a fraud


it's her only personality


suck a fat dong Big Pic listeners


Because calling someone very online is just what you say anytime they like something popular less than you, or like something you perceive as snobbish. It’s hypocritical imo. She hosts multiple podcasts on there ringer