Airtime Rewards - £1 bonus for joining Cashback app

Airtime Rewards is a cashback app that allows you to save money off your phone bill.

To get the £1 sign up bonus & start earning cashback what you need to do is:

  1. Download the app & enter a referral code: HL3WLJUE
  2. Add the cards that you use for spending to the app by entering the card number and expiry date, this allows the app to track the retailers you spend at
  3. Shop at the supported retailers and receive automatic cashback (to get the £1 bonus you need to do this within 7 days)

There are over 150+ supported retailers, and they automatically track where you shop both in-store or online, some examples and their Cashback rates:

  • Greggs - 5% (or 10% if you spend over £7)
  • Boots - 5%
  • Wilkos - 4.5%
  • Wagamama - 3%
  • Argos - 2%

They have monthly challenges you can opt in to which are different for everyone but mine are usually to make 2 purchases over £5 for an extra £1 bonus.

Once you reach £10 in your account you can redeem it off your phone bill!

If you go to the 'more' tab and tap 'more ways to earn' you can click through and book on Booking. com for 4% cashback. And you can also buy gift cards for things like Spotify, Asda, B&M & more for 4% cashback. I usually buy the Spotify one to go towards my monthly stamps.

They are compatible with all major networks including O2, EE & Vodaphone.

Download the Airtime Rewards app here (no referral link), enter: HL3WLJUE & start earning money off your phone bill


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Thanks OP. Minimal effort for extra Beermoney. Great when you can combine with cashback and other promotions. Hugely thankful to anyone using my referral code: **VBCRDGJ6** Thank you 👊




**Airtime Rewards** is an app which gives you cashback when you use your debit/credit card to shop in-store and/or online. The sort of **"register now and then forget about" app.** **Once you link your card(s) nothing else to do!** Sit back and watch your cashback accumulate! You earn cashback by shopping as normal. Whatever ££ amount you earn can be deducted off your mobile bill (works on most major mobile networks). Importantly, Airtime Rewards can be used in conjunction with Topcashback, Quidco, OhMyDosh, 20cogs etc. ___________________________________________________________________ ​ Bonuses currently available **for you** when you sign up: 1. **£1** when you make any purchase (any amount) within first seven days 2. **££** when you spend on multiple different occasions min. of £5 by end of each respective month. This will be different for each person. For me, it's "spend £5 two times to get an EXTRA £1 for the month of May.” 3. Please add ref code when registering: # WWK7AA38 ​ ___________________________________________________________________ Each month has different "challenges" where you can earn extra cashback but **you need to opt in for those each month.** So by joining you accumulate money which you can used towards **money off your mobile bill each month**. But often they have deals going on or boosted bonuses, so it's a neat app worth signing up to! ​ Download the app from Google/Apple store and add **referral code:** **WWK7AA38**


Would be great if you could use my link! https://airtimerewards.app.link/9dh2zNOUtyb




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Thank you for using my referral code! YX9WUTDJ Download here: https://airtimerewards.app.link/OuSieq2LyzbG


I installed, had several months, found I spend absolutely 0 on any of the included retailers as they're all overpriced. Uninstalled.


Thanks OP :) I've made nearly £100 since joining Airtime Rewards a year ago, which essentially means I'm paying nothing every month for my mobile! Here's my referral code for a joining bonus: **7FNVTEPQ** Link to download the app: https://airtimerewards.app.link/friend


Used your code! You're welcome :)


I was successfully referred and got my £1 bonus, so would love for someone to use my referral link to get their free £1 bonus too :) **To get your free £1 bonus on Airtime Rewards:** 1. Download the app here https://airtimerewards.app.link/friend 2. Enter my referral code **DQMD9EKN** 3. Add your cards and make a purchase at one of the retailers within 7 days That's it! Enjoy and thank you if you use my referral!


Money off phone bill? Yes please! - PJ7R7DXH https://airtimerewards.app.link/yqXj6BYJDzb


Nice app for passive rewards from day to say spending. Link your spending cards and forget about it for a while! I currently use this for purchasing giftcards for morrisons fuel. Combing with Uphold (4% cashback) gives 8% off fuel! My code if anyone wants to use it: G6JJWWY9 Thanks!


Airtime is a passive earner. Link your cards and spend as usual, similar to Cheddar. So a bit of no brainer really. Accepts all major banks plus allowed.me.to add my Uphold card, which is a massive plus if you have one. £1.50 referrals too Grateful for anyone who uses my code, thank you https://airtimerewards.app.link/gUEfR9za4xb JBUQCR9C


So minimal effort that I usually forget about it, have made about £60 by mistake over the past couple of years! Would be grateful if you used my link whilst signing up.. https://airtimerewards.app.link/Cd5QpSLxkvb


An easy and passive way to reduce your phone bill... Download Airtime Rewards for free with my code RAKUUFUH and save money off your phone bill every time you shop with brands like Boots, Greggs, Wilko, Argos and loads more: https://airtimerewards.app.link/tu8MfD0aSsb


airtime rewards. My referral code: **LB9UQGBP** https://airtimerewards.app.link/friend Appreciate it very much if anyone used my referral code. Airtime rewards also works with other cashback offer sites such as topcashback and Quidco etc. Airtime rewards is completely passive, there's nothing to do once setup. Just add your card details to the app and let the cashback build up when you spend with qualifying retailers. Example 5% cashback at Greggs.


9N4LWRVM - is my code I'll be honest I really like airtime rewards, the payouts are rapid, it tracks it well, I've had no issues trying to chase it like on other cashback things. I've been doing the gift card route for places I use, it won't buy me a house, but a £25 meal at a pub, gets you a quid, use the gift card and carry on as normal. adds a little bit back


Thanks OP! Airtime rewards is a great 100% passive cashback app which gives you discounts off your mobile bill. No need to click anything - "register now and forget about it". You can stack this cashback with other cashback retailers (Topcashback, Quidco, OhMyDosh, 20cogs). Tons of popular retailers (Asda, Boots, Greggs, Wilko, Primark and loads more) are included and all main phone networks are compatible with this (EE, giffgaff, O₂, Three, Vodafone). Each month has different "challenges'' where you can earn extra cashback but you need to opt in for those each month. I’m sure most people on here will have joined already, but all you have to do is sign up with a referral link, link a card and when you spend at a qualifying retailer within 7 days you will get the £1.  Participating retailers include Asda (6%), Wilko (4.5%), New Look (3%), Halfords (5%), Argos (2%), Boots (5%), Currys (1%) and more - see the app for the full list. 1 - Download [here](https://airtimerewards.app.link/friend)  (iOS / Android) using the referral code: **AJQDQTUB** when signing up for the 50p bonus. 2 - Add your credit or debit cards in the app 3 - Make a purchase at one of the retailers within 7 days 4 - Get the free £1 towards your mobile bill and I will too!  Non-ref: [here](https://www.airtimerewards.co.uk/) Terms: [here](https://www.airtimerewards.co.uk/terms.html) and [here](https://www.airtimerewards.co.uk/news/airterminology)


Here's my invite code if anyone needs one: **NE9L7KCW** Cheers!


Thank you OP! I would really appreciate it if someone used my code: LGVRLDRW Download here now for free: https://airtimerewards.app.link/TKvRm6AmEmb Thank you in advance😄Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions


Do you want to reduce your phone bill? Download Airtime Rewards for free with my code 8WMVY96N and save money off your phone bill every time you shop with brands like Boots, Greggs, Wilko, Argos and loads more: https://airtimerewards.app.link/Bu8zjbJTIzb


**Link:** [**https://airtimerewards.app.link/cSYEEF8b2ub**](https://airtimerewards.app.link/cSYEEF8b2ub) My code: **6DQQQL3A** Thank you!


***I have got more than £100 off my phone bills so far, even without using this app a lot.*** If you regularly shop at Asda, Wilko, Boots, Greggs etc you'll automatically get cashback. I go to Wilko to buy Amazon vouchers and get them for 4.5% off! I'd appreciate if anyone used my link: **https://airtimerewards.app.link/y8uYdh0Fnmb** Or enter my code **YJARXAJ6** \- copied into a reply below to make it easier for you to copy and paste into the app! Top tip - there are often promo codes advertised across social media for an extra few £'s. You can meet the spend criteria by buying gift cards through the app - go to 'More -> More ways to earn -> Gift cards' - you also get cashback off the giftcards making this a win/win!




Appreciate to anyone who uses my referral to get their free £1 bonus. https://airtimerewards.app.link/RliNc0nscvb Code: 4G9H7D76 Thank you in advance.