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I’m new to football but have gone to the gym for a while! I recommend twice actually, the push/pull routine and maybe end with legs each day (ideally thrice haha) - Id recommend starting with weights you’re comfortable with to do 10 reps. But do 8, and progressively increase them each week. To do this, you’d increase the reps ( so 8, 10 next week, 12 the week after, 8 again with higher weight) Also break like 60-90 seconds between reps across the board Push- incline dumbbell press, chest press, chest fly, shoulder press, tricep pull-down, lateral arm raise Pull- lat pull-down, cable row, dumbbell pullover, trx low row (starting with 2 steps and going lower), chest supported row, bicep curl Lower - deadlift, suspine hamstring curl, leg extension, dumbbell straight leg deadlift, hip abductor, crunches Having said this, ideally, just go to a trainer :) this was what was recommended to me as a newbie


Just do upper/lower. Can play light football along with lower on the same day


What is upper/lower? Complete noob here


Upper body and lower body. Twice a week. Search for upper/lower split on Google. Should be easy to find. You could also do a full body split once or twice a week. Just a heads-up though, you won't be able gain a lot of muscle through this. But you'll be able to maintain and make slow progress. I focused more on gym while I was injured. So now I'm just maintaining. Once or twice a week for gym is enough.