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They do publish [a few English editions](https://www.lustiges-taschenbuch.de/ausgaben/nebenreihen/english), intended to help readers who are learning English, but it doesn't look like any of the stories in LBT 553 are among them. It was published pretty recently. Often these books are also published in other European countries, but the UK isn't one of them. I'm not sure whether any of them publish English editions, but the numbering of the issues can vary from country to country, so go by the title if you want to check. "Where It All Started."


LTB isn't available in English ( only in the version for germans who want to practice their english). You could try Google translate to translate it. I'm also a bit jealous 'cause I tried to get this comic for a half year and still don't have it. I have LTB 549 to LTB 574 (the current LTB) and the only one I don't have in this series is LTB 553.