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Need button to see results; I’m a shell person too weak to construct even the most rudimentary opinions.


Science - 36 Philosophy - 48 Both - 40


I think there’s something. I’m not entirely sure what that something is, I hope they’re nice though :)


I just pressed philosophy but I regret it, it's science and don't come at me with bullshits like without philosophizing, there would be no science or i'm pulling out the fucking gun that's science-made


To describe a human system of understanding as a "power" suggests a theistic worldview just without the G word.


Within all of us. Through Death Grips of course, because one can only be good if they know exactly how to be evil and prove themselves capable of it, until then it stays in the back of the mind of the “innocent” growing and swelling all while too restrained to get consequence. Death Grips is the great divider between those who make the ultimate choice between love or hate choosing to either destroy themselves by succumbing to the id’s desires in loneliness, or those that seek the words within the words and find two characters in the lyrics, the id who seeks to fuel its desires and the enlightened hero who rose above and despises the weakness within that succumbs to death of the soul, the band itself in their own life is the hero waiting in their “disguise” surely I think. It is unfolding and the next album will blow everyone away I’m sure of it


science is an application of philosophy via LOGIC, so philosophy wins


Philosophy has logic within it before science is used. Science is using a specific form of epistemology from philosophy and applying a methodology to it.


science is huge and relates to every field (it is also in nature) while philosphy is mostly in one field of thought and it is man made. without science we would all die and without philosophy we would be sad and some of us without meaning.


Ride would defo vote for science


Depends on what context. Science is obviously the best way to explore the functions of the universe and everything in it, while philosophy is important to live a happier, more fulfilled life


science because its what lets me listen to death grips