Go to statements and choose to create your own flexi statement. Under the list of choices select 'statement of funds'... voila.


That's it, thanks a lot.


"Statement of Funds" from a "custom statements" for a PDF or HTML format.


AFAIK, the minimum time granularity that IB provides so far is one day generated on a daily basis. That is [generating an Activity Statement](https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/software/ptgstl/topics/activitystatements.htm) for a chosen day to see the different transactions affecting your cash balance(s) during that day, but the cash balance itself will only show starting and ending amount for the day. You'd need to get, from different sections of the statement, the transactions with cash impact. I recognize this isn't a convenient way to see a bank statement like history of transactions on your cash balance but it's the best approach I've found so far. If anyone else has an easier to execute approach, please share!


Account managment-Performance and reports-Statements by Custom statements click on (+) set name for statement , mark Combined Depostis and Withdrawal by Delivery Configuration by Format set PDF by Period set daily than click on Continue and Create than go back to Custom Statements click on your created statement Run, than set period ,Date than click on View or Download