The pics of the Octarius Missions are (infamously) not correct. There’s something wrong with the scale of the terrain in the pictures (they’re too large). You are not alone!


I was not aware. Did they ever issue any corrections?


Lmao not as far as I’m aware.Some of the other books have the correct scale - from the other comments on here it seems that only Octarius and Moroch have this issue. That being said, if you’re not playing narrative missions, use some of the other map packs like [Turning Point Tactic’s](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cq0SLR5X9Qg92X_ldsEoGaiMRKydkn9g/view?usp=drivesdk).


Thanks. I've got some packs of various tournament maps etc that are useful too. But we've been playing narrative missions just to learn the ropes and get a handle on the game. I think we'll probably move over to something like these now for a bit.


Holy crap, that’s awesome!


Right click terrain > select scale > enter value 0.9 > hit enter


I encountered the same thing in my last game. We were playing one of the Moroch missions. It was impossible to get the same relative spacing between terrain pieces as was suggested by the mission map.


If you've not done it previously, I would ask you to go get a board and try to set up the middle left terrain as shown here. It just doesn't fit right?! This happens all the time when I'm setting up missions and I've no idea why. Surely the images they use to build the maps are all sized correctly for the boards?


Try placing them asuming a 2 and 4" deployment zone. I'm pretty sure those are just misprinted


It's not. That's the correct deployment zones for Mission 2.2, defender is defending the "Vital Installation", starting at half strength and having guys return to the game as turning points progress. But forget the vertical and just look at the horizontal measurement for the vantage point block on middle-board-left. Compare that to the measurements shown on the second lot of actual images. There is no way for that structure to fit as shown. Which leads me to believe many of the other measurements described are incorrect too (which matches with my experience).


where can you found these exemple of killzone set up ?


Missions in the Octarius book. Some are better than others. But they're built around narrative, not balance.


Those are narrative.


So i am not the only one! Everytime i set up i look confused.


They aren't right in any of the books