the Davy Jones conundrum

I never really thought about this, but doesn't this mean he could technically be wheeled around on land in a little tub whenever he wants? He's not restricted to the ocean at all!


I never really thought about this, but doesn't this mean he could technically be wheeled around on land in a little tub whenever he wants? He's not restricted to the ocean at all!


Take the idea further, water bucket boots


In the industry, we call those “Keg Legs” and they’re going to cause a SENSATION at Milan next year.


a sensation well known as trench foot


I’m not a professional pirate historian, but think they used the terms “Aquarium Ankle” or “An-toe-vies” to refer to the same thing!




That one came to me in a dream.


You're a natural.




With all the lagoons, they definitely need them. But they seem stuck on the whole gondola thing.


True. I suppose that Venetians could use it for when they travel and feel right at home.


What's the limit? Wet socks?


Ew! Is it even worth it?!


you're absolutely right. wet socks is definitely worse than (*checks notes*) "living underwater so long that your entire ship and crew is most notably characterized by the sheer quantities of barnacles covering their surfaces, and also all of your bodies are constantly spongey and gross, and most of you have mutated into some kind of sea life."


It is. It totally is.


I grabbed the closest starfish I could find after he suggested wet socks


The thing is, if you're underwater the socks don't feel wet anymore since your whole body is wet. Ergo it is scientifically proven.




You afraid to get wet?


My socks? Yeah! My panties? I’m good!


If you look close, there are buckets leading up to his bucket... Presumably where he had to step to get there.


Those are way too spaced out to simply step. My man had to olympic jump from one to the other. What I would give to watch this scene about 5 minutes before it started in the movie.


You just know that Beckett told Will to set the buckets up himself, and that Will purposely set them up just far enough away that Jones couldn't walk, and had to jump. Because yes, Will is that much of a petty bitch.


So, waders or wellies but you deliberately fill them with water?


Like those platform shoes with goldfish in them?


Now admit that you’ve never seen Davy Jones and Fly Guy in the same room at the same time.


Would you even need that? Couldn't you just pour some seawater in some sealed boots?


Could the greatest fry cook in the world do *this*?


Iirc no, for several reasons. Basically, this only worked this time because it was a low tide sandbar. Sandbars are usually the sea floor and only temporarily become "land" for short periods. In addition, Jones put "ocean" over the "seafloor" during it's temporary "dry land" stage, he pretty much rule-lawyered the shit out of his curse. He could probably traverse the edge of beaches and some tidal marshlands this way, but I don't think it'd work anywhere that is actually dry land. Remember, his curse is he "Can only set foot on dry land once every ten years." Technically this is just momentarily embarrassed ocean, he's not setting foot on it, he's in buckets of ocean water, and he's only there for a few brief minutes.


*Momentarily embarrassed ocean* is my new favorite way to say "low tide"




Is it momentarily embarrassed or is it still being clingy even though the moon broke up with it YEARS AGO?!


Even the fucking Ocean simps for the moon.


That's rough, buddy.


It’s a great song title too. Or even a band name.


Still, they make such a big deal about Will not getting to see Elizabeth or his son except once every ten years. Like, woman, boy, what's stopping you from going out to sea? Or having a sandbar picnic?! Your husband/dad is literally cursed, what's *your* excuse?


Right, and his job is pretty family friendly. Just keep the kids in when there's dead bodies and tell them Daddy takes people to Heaven. Shit, she's literally the Pirate King, just roll with the Ship of the Damned side by side and pop over when you're feeling conjugal.


> ...she's literally the Pirate King... That was the exact moment I was *done* with the franchise. They could've had "Elizabeth the badass Pirate Queen and her son, who was raised at sea and is also a precocious little badass, see Will all the time, as the whole family sails the pirate-y seas, getting into all sorts of unspecified adventures." Instead we got "Elizabeth immediately gives up her title to go raise their kid, because mothers gotta mother, right? They live in a tiny shack in the middle of &$%# nowhere, and only see Will every ten years, because two ships meeting up at sea is *logistically impossible*." It felt like they had to go out of their way to find the lamest epilogue possible.


Yeah, I was pretty disappointed in the epilogue. They got married in a ship battle, on a cursed ship, fighting an eldritch abomination ship in a cannon battle, whilst fighting off elite EIC mercenaries and unkillable fishmen, by an undead, dead, re-alive Pirate Lord, who was doing the ceremony while masterfully steering the ship as he fucking merked everything that glanced askance at him, in the middle of a fucking supernatural hurricane created by a Goddess they freed moments prior, she was the Pirate King, he was related to an undead, eldritch abomination member of the crew of the guy that betrayed A FUCKING GOD and you're telling me they couldn't figure out how to sail two ships by each other for 9 and 364/365ths of a year?


>That was the exact moment I was done with the franchise. To be fair, the post-credits scene of the final movie of the trilogy is a pretty good spot to become done with the franchise. Couldn't time it better.


Can we pretend the subsequent movies never existed and that really was the end?


What subsequent movies


Okay but then we would not get the scene of the Spanish Navy popping out in nowhere to blow up the Fountain of Youth saying the such badass lines like: "Only God can grant Eternal Life, not this pagan water! Men, destroy this profane temple!"


Jack also had a fleet of magic ships that just sort of disappeared.


My belief is that he smashed them one by one trying to get them to become actual ships but they can only be released by Blackbeard’s sword, which Barbosa has. So he ends up with just his ship in a bottle, a bottle of rum, and depression


>They live in a tiny shack in the middle of &$%# nowhere, and only see Will every ten years, because two ships meeting up at sea is logistically impossible." I thought that was just their holiday home?


>two ships meeting up at sea is logistically impossible Especially when one of the ships is motherfucking magic.


Well he’s only seeing them once every ten years because he’s actually committing to the job, whereas Davy was pretty lax with it. And iirc the souls not getting ferried was a problem in the movies. Also Will doesn’t wanna look like a gross fish dude I imagine




I feel like you could still take a day here or there to meet up and have dinner.




Isn't that all explained by Calypso? The reason he turns into a fish person is because he's refusing to do his actual job, which is ferrying damned souls to the afterlife. Will is doing the job properly, so he doesn't have time to get involved in the affairs of humans (like Jones was), and doesn't have time to visit Elizabeth or their kid outside of his 10 years. Therefore, he'll also stop being Davey Jones when his timer runs out (though I don't remember how long the service was). I've not seen past the 3rd movie though, so for all I know, they retcon all of that lol


They find Poseidons trident which breaks all curses and break all the curses


I thought you were kidding. That's hilarious.


its even better. it HOLDS all curses. so to break all curses, they break the trident. while in a giant biblical water on the sides ravine esque thing.


What if he didn't have feet. Just like cut them off and made prosthetics. He technically would not be setting foot anywhere.


bro could just go around in a wheelchair with functioning feet since they don't touch the ground




Time to learn how to walk on his hands!


He's already half way there.


I gotta know. Is there some sort of canon that you're relying on here or did you logic this out?


Curse logic: it’s a lot easier to get screwed by a curse than to escape it. They’re playing it safe by stacking as many loopholes as possible.


Exactly. We don't know the consequences of breaking the land clause but considering breaking the soul ferrying clause turned his face into a fucking octopus and gave him a crab claw, I predict it wouldn't be pleasant to be caught on land.


His next curse? *Delicious with butter*


I prefer fried calamari to crab meat but yeah.


🔫 no you dont


Mostly just logic and the facts in the scene. Others have offered similar explanations for the scene based on the same ideas. Also I play DnD and I'd absolutely drive my DM nuts trying to walk on land with this curse.


I'm gonna throw out a completely unverifiable accusation here and say that he stole it from [the full original post](https://www.reddit.com/r/MovieDetails/comments/aoizjj/at_worlds_end_the_parlay_on_the_beach_has_davy/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button) linked further down in this comment section. Soz if I'm wrong but hey, can't blame me, there's a ton of similarities. Maybe he's just seen the post earlier.


I forgot what was the punishment for breaking the curse, as in why did they take the 'once every 10 years' so seriously.


They turned into barnacle people. Like, he has a squid face now, but his crew was literally growing into the walls of the ship. That was his previous punishment for E: I think i remembered wrong. Not escorting the dead? He broke the rules, anyway.


Yeah, he stopped taking the dead to wherever they’re supposed to go.


Yeah like you said being turned into fish-folk was the punishment for not ferrying the dead, but he was still clearly concerned about not breaking the '10 years' rule despite already being fish-man so... idk.


I think you just physically *cannot*, as if there was a wall there.


It's never directly explained but it could be death, even worse body horror than breaking the soul ferrying clause, or perhaps it's a potent, unbreakable compulsion that FORCES him to stay at sea. Jack was gonna put his heart in a jar of dirt so I'm going with death or worse.


Could he move to the Netherlands then? I mean it's called flying Dutchman...


... I think so. Part of the Netherlands and Venice and New Orleans are below sea level so he could possibly bucket-trick it, maybe. I wouldn't stay long personally because the curse might get annoyed.


There's another Tumblr post, maybe in reply to this very one, where they point out that they are on a sand bar or atoll, a spit of land that spends high tide under water. This is about as loophole as it gets He gets to be on a sand bar, standing in buckets


Imagine this: Davy Jones in a Popemobile-aquarium


So he's like a reverse Sandy from SpongeBob


It probably helps Jack reason with himself later on when he thinks about taking the Dutchman for himself. He can get all the rum and salty wenches he wants if he’s in a salty bath.


Honestly he could wear socks that were damp with seawater and just walk around like normal with them right?


Can we take just a moment and talk about the SERIES OF BUCKETS LEADING FROM THE WATER TO THE FINAL TERMINATING BUCKET IN THE SERIES OF BUCKETS? Squidward Tortellini over there had to hop scotch his happy ass through a fucking obstacle course just to stand majestically in that one bucket. Absolute legend of the deep.


The last one isn't even a bucket, but a broken barrel (to give him more space).


“Boys, I appreciate the hustle. But we’re gonna need something a bit bigger to hold all this DRIP.”


🎩 🧐 👏




🎩🎩 🧐 🧐 🧐🧐 👏👏 >🗑




Can't sit without risking falling, and i wouldn't want splinters from that. Regarding comfort, well, doesn't look like it, but it worked.


Bro I'm fucking chorteling lol I noticed it and was hoping someone else did. My initial thoughts were "hey, they brought buckets for everyone!"


Fun fact: the big bucket actually had a litter of pails as they were shooting the scene and they caught the whole thing on camera. Eat your heart out, Mutual of Omaha.




It's also a sand bar, which is not permanent land, and becomes ocean half the time. They got a lawyer to look over those curse rules and found a loophole. A very funny one. Buckets over a sand bar is basically a ship over water by the Faes rules


“And you’re sure this would hold up in court? I didn’t realize that there was so much flexibility in the legal definition of ‘dry’…” “Mr. Jones, I know my stuff. I’ve spent the last twenty five years as a licensed officer of the court and dues paying member of the sand bar.” “That sounds really, really dry.” “My wife is spectacularly unhappy in our marriage, yes.” EDIT: the code of professional conduct adhered to by the United Shitposters Association compels me to divulge any and all spelling or grammatical changes made to previously submitted work product.


maritime law is convoluted, that crook captain hook had the book thrown at him during his trial


Now imagine someone takes away those buckets back to the ocean and just stands there taunting him. The fuck is he gonna do? Try and waddle his bucket across the sand?


Given the wording of the curse states that Jones can only set “foot” on dry land every ten years, I have to assume he would be laying on his stomach with his knees at ninety degree angles to the ground and his feet in the air dragging himself along with his face tentacles. Call him Davy Prones.


I'm not sure if the prones joke...lands.


You just gotta make sure the delivery is suitably dry.


Fucking squidward tortellini. 🤣🤣😭


> [squidward tortellini ](https://youtu.be/Jo-B0xbAwzs)


Can’t he teleport between pieces of wood as long as they are in-sight and on ***/*** filled with seawater?


For a series about pirates, they don’t tell you a whole lot about what can be considered cannon. So maybe?


> pirates > cannon I'll allow it--THIS time.


It’s not my best work. But it’s not my worst either.


The weird part is that Davy Jones can canonically teleport. So I don’t even know what the buckets are there for.


As many times as I've seen this image, this is the first time I noticed the line of buckets in the background


Imagine if he had missed a bucket too


You think he hopped between buckets? You know he made the men carry him onto the beach while standing in that barrel


“Come on, Will: don’t look so down. Think of this as a bonding opportunity with your crew mates. Lift all together now, lads: I know you know the words! ‘WAY HEY AND UP HE RISES! WAY HEY AND UP HE RISES’!”


isn't there like a series of possible ways of circumventing the limitation at play here? like for one, isn't that landmass there only during low tides but gets covered by the sea during high tides? I could swear theses a continuation to this that goes into detail about that facet of fact?




why did they cut all that from the image smh smh


Smh my head at you. Steal the content, cut the extra text, post for karma, then comment the text on your alt. That way you shared karma, so it's good karma. Cancels out the bad karma from the content theft/murder. Leaving your moral compass in the middle, but look at all that karma!


This is what I came here looking for


Galaxy brain idea, he wears some sort of water proof shoes (rain boots maybe) and fills them with sea water and can then just go anywhere


I was thinking a pair of GoGo Disco boots with the hollow platform heels filled with ocean water.


And a fish in each heel, too.


Jonah Hill in The 40 Year Old Virgin got it covered. https://i.imgur.com/fyZJIy9.jpg


Even as a kid, this bucket scene really made me wtf the bit where Will apparently just fucks off and leaves Elizabeth on a beach to raise their kid for a decade without implementing one of the many obvious solutions to seeing his family. I can remember being 9 and thinking they were being really dumb. Like dude, pull into port once in a while and take your kid for a sail. Hell, how about you build Elizabeth a houseboat? You have a magic ship that can appear anywhere in the ocean. Spending all day fulfilling your oath by ferrying the souls of the dead to the afterlife - literally does not prevent you from being home for dinner and family time every night. Yes I get the allegorical significant of the sacrifice, but you can't make Jack *they're more like guidelines* Sparrow the heart of the series. Have Tia Dahma literally give him his 'Jar of Dirt' to take advantage of a technical definition of land in *her own damn curse.* Then riiiight at the end get thematic and be acting all *thems fairytale rules: no loopholes,* like every charecter hasn't spent the last three movies immediately exploiting any magical rule they come across.


Actually totally makes sense. Why not have you kid help out ferrying souls on the weekend? You make a good point. I never thought about that. Damn deadbeat dad Orlando Bloom.


Yeah, at least goku taught his kid to go super saiyan. How you gunna be more dead beat than goku?


Goku wasn't a deadbeat, he was just dead.


He was dead AND beating people. So technically....


So technically he was a dead deadbeat dad beating people dead.


The people he was beating up were also sometimes already dead as well


Well you see, he was busy going on a quest to destroy the one ring on the weekends


Because when you step on the ship you become a part of the crew. They say that a lot in the movies not even counting the cash grabs


I was wondering why she couldn’t just live on the Flying Dutchman, but then I remembered “oh yeah, that ship goes underwater. Like a lot.”


Will didn’t seem to mind when he was still alive


My theory is that’s because Davy Jones wasn’t doing is job, which would require the ship to go under the ocean and pick up people lost in the sea. So when Will was aboard temporarily, the ship luckily didn’t go under. (Convenient, I know.) But since Will was doing the job as he was supposed too, so the ship might be underwater a lot more frequently?


He was pretty clearly neglecting to ferry souls through any of the movies, and it was a problem. Will chooses to take on the job and actually commits to doing it within the parameters, for the good of the world. Taking time off on a random weekend to see your wife and kid causes lost souls


That or it would spend a vasty time in the World of the Dead dealing with the backlog


I thought that was because he became part of the crew and that gives him the same magic powers the rest of the pirates did. The reason they all look like that is because Jones doesn't do his job, not because they are like, weird zombie pirates.


Yeah I think they even address this in the movie. That said, Calypso was literally the sea. She did Davy Jones dirty lol


She really did, I genuinely felt bad for him. It wouldn’t have been hard to take one second out of her day to be like “sup dude” once every ten years to the guy who literally cut out his heart for her. I would have been mad and like “what is the point of even doing this job??” too. Granted becoming an ocean serial killer was also very not cool.


I guess that's what you get for falling in love with a deity. They're fickle and full of crabs.


The reason Jones, the ship, and the crew get all nasty looking is because Jones neglected his duties. Idk how much free time Will gets he could spend with his family but probably none because it's a curse. Any time he does anything other than shepard souls he risks getting fish-faced.


I'm sure the flying Dutchman coming into port royal once a year would cause absolutely no problems whatsoever


Tourism would sky rocket.


Or plummet


Depends on the head of marketing


well as was said in another comment, he's only allowed on the sandbar(which is the ocean floor for a while) by putting some ocean on it(the buckets), it wouldn't work on an island or anything that's not submerged for a while


Will: "Now son, I'll raise you just as my father raised me." \*leaves


This is the same level thinking that D&D players use to break the game. For example, the “what if technically we interpreted the rule this very specific illogical out of the ordinary way that is obviously unintended to have this consequence that we think is fun” theme reminds me a lot of the reasoning behind the coffeelock. Although as a Pirates fan (yes including some of the trashy sequels that are pretty entertaining actually) I find this detail pleasing.


Ah yes, the [peasant railgun](https://tabletopjoab.com/the-legend-of-the-peasant-railgun-in-dd-5e/).


Mofo there just talking about 5e when that shit comes straight outta 3.5 alongside CoDzilla, Batman, mighty kobolds, and infinite chickens.


I love the level 3? kobold that can become the most powerful god by some broken mechanics and generous rules interpretations. Behold the mighty [Pun Pun](https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Pun-Pun_(3.5e_Optimized_Character_Build\))!


The worst part is that they made Mickey, Mike, and Peter stand in water buckets too, but that footage got cut




Mickey Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, and Peter Tork


Can you reply with their middle names, too?


George Michael Dolenz Jr., Robert Michael Nesmith, and Peter Halsten Thorkelson.


Do any of them have phd’s or military rank?


The Monkees, I believe.


Honestly I cackle at this scene every time. I think it's so on par with the humor of the movies. Like will and lord beckett would have suggested it, half bc they didn't want to stand in the shallows and half bc they though it be funny to fuck with Davi Jones.


They wanted to leave Davy out of the conversation, so Davy had to sigh and tell them there's a way out of the conundrum *as long as they don't ask questions or mention it ever again*.


What would happen,hypothetically speaking,if somebody had just pushed him over?


It would be really funny.


Aye it would but would he just explode or something?


Hmm. Maybe he’d get yeeted via magic back into the ocean before touching the sand? Sort of like a magnet pull?


Imagine being annoyed at Davy Jones and just tipping him over so he gets yeeted into the ocean.


Gmod physics


Well, that would be incredibly rude.




All that sacrifice and all they need to do was give him a quick shove out of a bucket.


its dumb but i kinda love that attention to detail


The actual part that drove me crazy was in the dead man's chest where Jack and will had to steal a ship and literally covered themselves with a boat and had to move from below without being noticed and actually had air to breathe.. man it was so epic. Whoever suggested the idea deserves a visit from Archimedes and explain to him the law of floatation and upthrust. 😂


That was actually Curse of the Black Pearl. Dead Man's Chest was the second movie.


Their weight could be enough to hold down the boat/they are using force to keep it from floating up. That never bothered me too much. But idk how much up force that much air would generate so idk. Anyway the movie has magic skeletons so imma let physics slide a bit.


The Mythbusters tried to replicate this scene, and if I’m recalling correctly, they needed to weigh the boat down with several hundred pounds’ worth of barbell plates, which left it terribly unstable and almost impossible to maneuver. If it’s not enough to sink the boat on the surface, it won’t be enough to keep the inverted boat on the seafloor.


Yup. The boat-with-air is pulling up (well, being buoyed up) with the same amount of force that a boat-with-water would be pulled down were it above the surface of the water. So, unless you can haul a boat FULL OF WATER over your head unaided, there's absolutely no way you're keeping it on the seafloor, either. Other interesting notes: * Just like the boat-with-air (under the surface) is being buoyed up by the water around it, the boat-with-water (above the surface) is _also_ being buoyed up by the air around it. This is basically nothing compared to the weight of the boat, though. * The boat-with-air (under the surface) would need a _LOT_ more air to fill it than its above-the-surface counterpart would have. The water pressure compresses the bubble trapped beneath the boat, so, to fill the boat, you need more air.


As a kid in the tub I always tried to replicate it with a tubberware container. That shit took a lotta effort to keep on the ocean floor. I was way more than thrice it’s size and I was pushing down from above. I can’t imagine two dudes just hanging from the bottom being enough to hold down something twice their size while it’s being pushed up by the water and air. Let alone *walk* it on the sandy ocean floor lmao. They got nothing to hold on to, to push off with any amount of proper force, or anything to keep them from floating away with the flotation device. Can’t believe a reddit post got me thinking about it and ruined the childhood magic of that scene for me lmfao


It would have the same buoyancy as if it were upright on the surface, there is no way they could hold that down.


Couldn't someone just take his other buckets and leave him there?


You know after ten years in the bucket he’d come after you though! LMAO


You’d have until high tide to run away


Worth it.


If I fit I sit




> People rag on Davy Jones, saying everything focused on his looks. I rag on him for making David Bowie want to change his stage name.


Don’t they have his heart hostage? He has to agree to their demands or die.




I just want to point out that this implies that during storms Davy Jones has no restrictions and can be ANYWHERE so long as it is wet.


That’s something that would actually make a pretty badass sequence in a story


*a nobleman stands staring out his window as a storm buffets the manor. He crosses the room to pour a glass of wine when suddenly the window busts open. The room is filled with the roar of the storm and the salt brine of the sea. All light flees and the man is left standing in the dark alone. Sinister foot steps are heard approaching from the dark. A familiar voice calls out: “Did you really think you could avoid giving the devil his due, boy?”


I’m not sure if rain water counts as sea water? Good theory!


It’s evaporated sea water, still counts


Not only does he stand in a bucket but there are multiple buckets behind him which means they progressively had him step in each one until the final big bucket. They’re just filling, letting him step in, and then moving the last bucket to the next step.


I don’t care what people say, I enjoyed Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End. Also while typing this I just realized that Dead Man’s Chest is a double meaning referring to both the chest, and Davey Jones’ chest because he’s missing his heart


I had a similar epiphany about *Titanic* which is a large boat. Turns out it's because the movie is 9 hours long.


I’d be willing to bet that they forgot about the water rule while writing/filming that scene, and the buckets were added in post. Easy solution in the editing bay that adds a bit of humor.


I seem to remember behind the scenes photos showing him standing in a bucket during filming so they at least knew about it when shooting.


Some sailor: This is a bucket. Davy Jones: Dear God.


Op asks who has the balls to suggest having davy jones stand on a bucket of ocean water like there aren't 20 people on that beach that would say that.


Davy Jones suggested it himself.


It was 100% jacks idea to have Davy Jones stand in the bucket


i mean, this isn't even the silliest thing in a film franchise based on a children's ride. that it is silly is indeed probably the point of its inclusion.