Viv and I are now mods on r/WednesdayTVSeries and we're hard at work trying to make it a place for more diverse, in-depth discussion. r/weyler will always be your safe space, but if you feel like coming to post in the big sub, you now have a new option to do so and we'll heavily moderate it.

The mod team is very serious about listening to user feedback, and some of you have expressed your concerns regarding the lack of in-depth discussions. The new "Serious Discussion" flair attempts to tackle the problem by providing our community with an option to create posts dedicated exclusively to mature discussion of the show.

In threads that are flaired as Serious Discussion, the moderators will make an extra effort to remove any joke answers or off-topic comments, as well as those that don't contribute to the discussion in meaningful ways. For a comment to be considered relevant, it needs to be polite and clear, and contain a well reasoned and elaborated argument. Avoid logical fallacies and petty attacks to the characters, the writing, cast and crew, you're free to write a critique of the show, but do so with proper argumentation.

We're aware that some users don't speak English as a first language and we'll keep that in mind, other users participating in the discussion should do the same.

Basically, users are strongly encouraged to:

  1. Not post one-liners, jokey comments and disrespectful remarks of any kind.
  2. Follow Reddiquette and not downvote other users over differing opinions.
  3. Downvote irrelevant, inappropriate comments. Feel free to report them as well.
  4. Stay polite and and write in a tone that drives discussion.

The original poster also has to open the thread in a way that guides discussion. They may present their opinion or question in a way that clarifies their position and points discussion in a certain direction so that others can respond appropriately. Failure to do this will result in their post being removed.

What if I don't want to follow these rules to discuss the show?

Then feel free to use the regular Discussion or any other appropriate flair, all other posts in this sub will remain unchanged. This flair is for those users in this sub that want to engage in talks with these kinds of predetermined rules. It's just an additional option.

Regardless of whether you're the target for this or not, thank you for supporting our sub, we hope you have a good time here!


some tyler defenders don’t get much support


We know 🥲 We can't change people's opinions but we encourage you to still post and write about Tyler. If you feel unsafe you can stick to Serious Discussion posts too!


i respect other people’s opinions but i don’t believe anyone should recieve hateful comments for an opinion on a tv show. positivity is a great thing !!


Yup, I've also gotten crazy comments in the past so I know how you feel, that was why I came to this sub in the first place. But Tyler and other currently underrepresented characters also deserve a place in the big sub, because it's the one most people will see. We want all fans to feel welcomed so we'll try our best and see what happens.


Good luck honestly... They don't like Weyler or Tyler there, so it's kind of annoying.


Yeah we're aware of the issue. Weyler is going to be hard but we do encourage you guys to make quality Tyler posts and discussions there. Today someone tested the Serious Discussion flair with a post about Xavier and Tyler and I'm happy with the results so far. We're willing to fight for everybody's rights to talk about their favs!


Thank you for the announcement sis ☺️ I am honored about our new position over there.


I honestly wouldn't know how you have time to do also that on top of everything else, but I'm glad to hear that you're spreading your positive influence to that sub! I think many people need it