I owed this to you guys, sorry for making you wait! I'm gonna write a but more just for you in the first comment here!

First of all shout out to the organisers of the Dream It Fest in Paris for the amazing opportunity, they really try to make their events more intimate and personal and they achieved that.

What follows is my experience meeting Hunter, if you want to skip right to the parts about Tyler and the show, I clearly marked the part where that starts!

I was blessed I could interact with Hunter several times during the event, autograph, selfie, photoshoot... He was so kind, sweet and funny every time. I even feel weird writing this because I'm sure most of you already imagined that, and of course an actor would try to be polite during an event like this, but still it felt like he always went the extra mile to seek that close interaction.

I had a problem with my autograph session and arrived there when he had already left because they thought no one else was going to come, when the organisers got a hold of him to ask, he had them bring me backstage to sign the autograph, it was crazy, I was like "I feel so bad I made you come here for this!" and he just said "No, no! I'd feel bad if you didn't get it!". We shared a few comments and laughs, he signed the autograph and gave a me a hug, I'll never forget this, really.

I'm a very private person that is honestly not enamoured at all with celebrity culture, I really could care less about status or whatever, or about flexing celebrity experiences like this. This is not me saying that caring about those things is wrong, by the way, to each their own, but for me it was just about getting the chance to tell an actor whose work I 've loved since Your Honor how much I appreciate what he does and to wish him the best luck going forward, and with Hunter's attitude and sensitivity that was easy enough to do. At this event there were also two fan meetings organised, one in a group and then individual ones.

We were only 6 people in the group meeting, I participated in both hoping to get to know the person behind the actor even if only a little, tiny bit, and he didn't disappoint: he was so genuine, really opened up about his experience and feelings about that being his first con, everything that has happened to him lately, and really made an effort to get to know us. A bunch of more personal talks unfolded that I'm not going to say anything about because they feel so personal, including my individual meeting with him, he almost asked as many questions about us that we did about him and it was just so precious and special, I'll carry that in my pocket always.

But we did also talk about the show and Tyler! So without further ado here are some tidbits from the meeting, SPOILER ALERT:

- Regarding what he wants to see for Tyler in season 2, he's just curious: What is he gonna be like now that he doesn't have a master? Will he get another master? Do Hydes need a master? He mostly has questions and hasn't seen scripts yet, but is excited to hopefully gets some questions answered and explore the struggle in Tyler's personality, to see who Tyler really is and what the Hyde is doing to him.

- He spoke about how Tyler was manipulated by Laurel, him being in a vulnerable position because of all the trauma he had growing up made it a perfect opening for Laurel to come into the picture and take advantage of him. This would have happened a year before the show even starts. She made him hate Nevermore for not accepting his mother, and then, with each transformation the Hyde would "possess" him more and more. He was horrified at first, but then he has to listen to Laurel, he gets under her "spell". They also did it so it was unclear which moments were genuinely the nice Tyler he's always been and which weren't during the season, but the idea is that he gets worse with each kill and each episode until he's almost completely consumed by the Hyde in episode 8.

- Tyler was playing Wednesday but he was also attracted by her darkness, and he thinks Tyler's darkness is also the root of the attraction she felt for him, he quoted Wednesday saying the psychotic monster line and laughed.

- He heard of the fan theory about Wednesday being his new master and said it'd be cool to see what kinds of things Wednesday makes Tyler do lol! But it'd also be cool if eventually she freed him.

- He thinks it would be cool if we met another Hyde (we weren't talking about Francoise being alive or not so assume he meant a completely new one).

- Someone was like "idk I kinda want him to kill more people" and he was like "Kill more people??? Was 7 not enough? No, we need MORE MURDER!", he's so funny lmao.

- The police station scene was the one he prepared for the most, he worked on it for about a month.

- When he found out he was the villain he was so worried about dying, as soon as he got the last script he sped through it like "please don't die please don't die please don't die" and was so relieved to read the last scene lol He hopes to stay until the end, and when we said we wanted the same he was like "Yeah but say that to Netflix" haha.

- He loves Thing so much and is such a fan of the work Victor Dorobantu did with the character. He said Dorobantu worked 12 hour shooting days and just put his everything into making Thing come alive, it blew his mind.

- Working with Tim Burton was also such a dream for him, he said Tim is so cool and kind and is just constantly awed by his imagination and ideas, he's so happy to be a Burton monster (made me think of another interview where he said Tim called him a sensitive monster, it's so cool to think about for real).

- He loved working with Jenna, he thinks she's such an amazing actress and that he learns so much from acting with her.


I think this is about it for the Wednesday stuff, go support him, he's freaking sweet, funny and cool! What a joy of a day, really. Best wishes to the people meeting him this weekend in Liverpool, I'm sure you'll have a great time!


I know I gathered questions, and I really intended to ask them them, but what I wasn't expecting was for this to be such a personal experience, I was going in thinking it might just be like a Q&A session, and yeah it kind of was, but also not because what ended up happening was just a honest, genuine conversation between all 7 of us at the meeting (including him), and then a super personal moment in my individual meeting with him. It's hard to bring up your Reddit community when Hunter is asking you about your dreams and encouraging you to go get them. I felt super valid when he asked me what I wanted to do and I told him about my dream to be a novelist, and he really encouraged me and told me about his creative process and actors and films he likes, he was so good! Go watch About Time, guys haha. I loved every second of it, and even though I would have liked to ask the question I think on our talks about Tyler he already answered most of what you asked, so hopefully you guys enjoy reading his thoughts. We love this sweet, talented man!


Wow, very cool! I'm surprised how small it sounds :o Very personal, like you said. Sounds like you're a pretty lucky duck. I too exist in my own little realm outside of celebrity culture, so I can relate to you there. I agree that I'm glad Tyler didn't have to die, Hunter. Hopefully his living will persist through the next season (or two)! Dx


Thank you! Haha yeah, like come on Netflix, Tyler is such a great character, sooner or later people will appreciate him and he will live until the end no problem, let's trust!